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Under The Mask

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It was too surreal nothing seemed right, Wesker alive? He was tossed into a volcano for fucks sake with not one but two rockets to the face, her worst nightmares seemed to be coming to life. Two years she spent with him more than that and so many years after trying too…

Taking calming breaths when she was so raw was the worst part about him being there, it was as if all her closest friends were confused at her for behaving so erratic when she was the only one that seemed too remember who that ‘man’ was. It was so foreign to her seeing them defend him, for a moment she panicked feeling as if he’d enslaved all of them and she was next. Jill started to hyperventilate to the point she broke free of Chris’ hold and kneeled down putting one hand on the cold hard floor to steady herself as she forced her lungs to work properly, she felt a hand touch her shoulder and she jerked away from it fear taking over. within moments she was on her feet running out the door away from her ‘friends’ because the smallest part of her knew they were still themselfs and she was just over reacting but she also knew it wouldn’t take much for her to snap and start attacking.

Once she was outside the warm air hit her and she started to feel a little better, a little less crazy and a little more herself. The whole city, half the country was filled with monsters that would kill her in a heart beat…. So what did she feel so much safer outside in the open? maybe it was the fact that she knew the zombies, hunters, tyrants and all the other monsters inside and out but with Wesker she never knew what side she’d get or if he’d knock her around or try to love her in to insanity. Before she realized it she was two blocks away for the police station, she stopped taking a moment to just breath and feel the earth around her it was so empty in the safety zone not a single bird chirping or grasshopper singing, she was truly alone there. Alone and happy, safe from the monster inside her heart.

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Jill had settled slightly laying on the ground under the many bodies’ on top of her, she took a shaky breath to try and calm herself but lost it when the man spoke.

“Fuck you!!” she yelled thrashing again kicking and jerking her body trying to get free.

Chris was…

It was too surreal nothing seemed right, Wesker alive? He was tossed into a volcano for fucks sake with not one but two rockets to the face, her worst nightmares seemed to be coming to life. Two years she spent with him more than that and so many years after trying too just be comfortable in her own skin so many night screaming and thrashing around too many day with friends to scared to get too close to her for fear of being lashed out at, she was a wreck for so long it was so hard to get back too normal and now it felt like she was back at day one.

Chris pulled her away from the others and she let him walking with his hand wrapped gently around her arm, strands of blond hair strayed into her face but she didn’t care she just wanted to not feel like Chris had stabbed her in the back. she looked up into his eyes with her glistening with so many questions.

“Chris…” she started but stopped when he started talking.

Jill sighed and nodded understanding fully why he’d done what he did, she grabbed his forearm gently squeezing it lightly to reassure him that she forgave him.

“I’d like a heads up next time you push me to insanity again.” The blond smiled trying too not feel so raw.

The movement caught her eye but before she could react he was there so very fuckimg close to her, his scent filled her up and left a gaping hole in her chest he’d always smelled the same from the first say she was introduced to him at the Raccoon police station, too the day she first kissed him, all the way too the day he tried to kill her and even the day she helped kill him. He just never changed. The look on her face must have looked like fear, the way he smirked down at her as if he’d won. For a moment she just stayed very still and listened to him but as soon as the last word rolled off his tongue she hit him, she swung again knocking his pertinacious sunglasses away from his face she got one last kick in before Chris was grabbing her and spinning her around so his back was too Wesker and she was locked safely in his bulky arms.

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Seconds passed on like hours and all the talking and laughing that had just moments ago filled the room stopped, that’s how she knew it was real. She hadn’t realized how hard she was clutching onto Rebecca’s hand till Billy wrapped his…

Jill had settled slightly laying on the ground under the many bodies’ on top of her, she took a shaky breath to try and calm herself but lost it when the man spoke.

“Fuck you!!” she yelled thrashing again kicking and jerking her body trying to get free.

Chris was lying across her back whispering soothing things in her ear, Billy was laying on her thighs Rebecca on her lower legs and Claire on her other arm and part of her back, so there was no way she was going anywhere. Jill put her face into the concrete and growled feeling defeated, she hissed at Jake glaring as if he had just kicked her in the face when he called her ‘miss’ because as selfish as it was he sounded just like his father to her when he said it. She nodded and tapped out letting her anchors know that she was okay now, they slowly got up off her and Chris helped her up she dodged his open arms that were waiting for her and instead pushed him aside.

“You knew. You knew and you let me walk into this place knowing that thing was going to be here.” She spoke evenly and emotionless.

She shook her head smoothing out her clothes and pulling her hair up into a ponytail to calm the surly wild mess she had made with her struggling. Rebecca came to her side rubbing her arm and trying to be a good friend but Jill just pulled her arm free and looked at Chris waiting for to tell her why he’d let her walk right into her past.

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The government? Really? He glared at the man, almost calling him a liar, but if this was true, someone had to know. It would also be unsurprising to learn that the government were hiding things from them. The Family presence in it’s echelons…

Seconds passed on like hours and all the talking and laughing that had just moments ago filled the room stopped, that’s how she knew it was real. She hadn’t realized how hard she was clutching onto Rebecca’s hand till Billy wrapped his tattooed arm around her entrapping her in his hold and whispering for her to calm down, it snapped her out of what felt like such a vivid dream. Jill snapped, letting Rebecca’s hand go and tossing it aside when she held on trying to sooth her and keep her calm. Billy held on tighter to her but she brought her leg up and hit him as hard as she could sending him staggering back and Rebecca to his side, seeing noting but the blond hair and shaded eyes she started at him running full speed drawing her arm back to punch him as hard as she could.

Another set of arms enclosed around her body caching her as she sprung out to put more force into her hit, she thrashed around clawing out at the man that had driven her mad for so many years. Her eyes and movements were animalistic, she was a crazed lion single-mindedly lashing out and trying to rip the man just feet away from her to shreds.

“Let me go!! I’ll kill him!! LET ME GO, I’LL KILL YOU ALL!!LET ME GO!!” she screamed crazed.

Jill tried to use Chris’ body to launch herself at the blond but he held on to her as tightly as he could crushing her into him and sending her into a blind rage, she the her elbow back and smashed it into Chris’ head clawing at his fingers till she was freed. Throwing herself at him in one last effort to maul the tall blond man she felt more people gabbing at her till she was on the floor thrashing around as Rebecca, Billy, Chris and even Claire were all on her holding her down.

“NO!!! No, No, No!!!! LET ME GO, LET ME KILL HIM!!”

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New Life, Old Life

Something like muffled screaming, loud banging and vibrations like pulsating music pulls the lingering conciseness up from some place deeply buried under the surface. Lungs start to hurt, skin starts to chill, eyes strain to open, mouth gags and chokes on some goopy liquid and then oxygen as it tries to rush into her lungs it leaves a sharp antiseptic taste on her tongue. Whatever the medical type of goop was it started to retract down her body leaving clumps to slide down her skin that started to grow cold as soon as a rush of artic air pressed itself to her sensitive skin. The world is blurry and so bright making her wince and shrivel away from the light that seemed to envelope her entire body, bringing her hand up to shield her eyes from the overpowering light she felt her hand crash into a wall sending her mind racing, in an instant she knew she was enclosed in a tight space. Suddenly her heart was racing choking her with panic and fear, she tried to clear her cloudy vision blinking rapidly as she pressed her back against a cold solid surface behind her and her hands against the same surface. It was such a tight fit that her elbows hit the back of the tank, opening her mouth to call for her partner her mind snapped to the last thing she remembered clearly.

Double doors crashed open as the pair of long term partners came rushing in guns pointed at a tall dark figure that seemed to loom over a frail lump of wrinkled flesh and a growing crimson puddle, it only took a moment for them to know what had happened and who the men where. The surly dead mass of skin, bone, and blood was Spencer and the looming man standing over him with a devilish smirk was Albert Wesker, a man that had killed the pair’s whole team his whole team, a man that she had once loved to no end whose heart she broke after he had broken her trust.

More now than before she panicked in her little container thrashing and jerking around her body crashing hard into the glass walls that encased her, she let out a weak yell her voice cracked and brittle from not having used it in so long. She felt the last of the warm goo drain away from her skin leaving what felt like slugs sliding down her body falling away as she jerked around trying to break free, everything was still just a harsh bright white leaving her unaware of where she was only what she was trapped. She started to try and climb out of the case but she couldn’t make her body cooperate, she was too weak to pull herself up and out. Abruptly the tank she was opened sending her crashing down onto the floor, she put her arms out to catch herself so she didn’t hit her face against the floor and started crawling backwards till she was pressed against the tank. With one arm out in front of her to be sure nothing attacked her without hitting her hand and warning her first she used her other hand to wipe goo away from her eyes and try to clear her view of what was around her so maybe she could figure out what was going on.

All the feelings came flooding back, hurt, betrayal, everything she felt the night of the mansion incident when it was revealed that her ex-lover had plotted it all, the deaths of all her friends and worse of all the death of her. In the moment that he stepped into the light and reviled his face she felt all the other feelings she had been suppressing for years, love, heartache, lust for the relationship she had with him. He was still as handsome as he’d always been and just as she started to lose herself in what was once someone she wanted to spend every moment of her life with, he showed his monstrous colors once again and struck out at the pair. Fighting alongside the one of only other member of the team the looming man had tried to kill they only seemed to deflect his attempts to kill them, she had even lost her footing once and ended up under his boot with his gun pointed right at her chest . It seemed to not matter one bit that she had once shared his bed or that he repeatedly said he loved her trying to get her to say it back, all the gifts he bought her and all the times he held her kissing her softly and whispering such sweet things to her, in that moment he held no emotions in his face it was just an animalistic drive to kill. She wiggled under his boot struggling to get out from under him as he took aim at her, she felt a scream in her throat that fear was forcing out of her body but just as it reached her lips the tall blond was hit and staggered away. He was so intent on killing her that he didn’t pay attention to the other man in the room, she felt like she would break but there was no time for that because when she looked over her partner needed her help. On her feet in seconds she was attacking the blond defending her partner, it seemed so fast so sudden each one of his movements where lighting quick and each doge from them had to be just as fast. A hand grabbed her throat not crushing but hurting as it lifted her off her feet high into the air, clawing at the hand of her would be murder she looked down strongly into his eyes seeing only herself in the dark glass that covered his catlike red iris. Again her partner was there saving her life, she choked on the air that her lungs panicked for thinking they would never have it again. It only seemed like a second that she took to catch her breath but in that short time the blond had her partner just as he had had her and it took even less time than that for her to react springing to her feet screaming as she hugged herself to the lost lover and sent them both falling out a large window. Her arms locked tightly around a leather coat holding the looming man so close to her it brought his smell to her nose and his warmth to her skin, it was heartbreaking to know they’d die together crushed into each other from the fall. She felt him shift in her hold easily removing her arms from around him, for a moment she thought he’d shove her way from him so they wouldn’t die in each other’s arms but instead hi gripped her tight and crushed her body to his chest in a shielding way, she shock alone hit her so hard that the pavement was a welcome ending.

The sudden memory of her death causes her to look around frantically things just barely staring to take shape, she caught something move closer to her and it made her jerk away pressing her shriving body closer to her open tank.

“Where am I?!” She croaked sharply, it sounded too harsh and panicked to be her voice.

She swallowed past a lump in her throat feeling her body shaking, feeling like the blur was an attacker she darted out away from it trying to navigate away from the thing she crashed into things and sent them flying away from where they had been. She tripped over herself being so weak from not using her legs in so long, her whole body was alien to her and ended up on the floor where she rubbed her eyes trying to force them into working again, when she opened her eyes she could see better but everything was still astonishingly blurry seeing a scalpel she grabbed it and got back up seeing a indistinct shape of a door she tried it only to find it locked tightly. Breathing hard she turned around seeing the black blob start to come into prospect she started to make out his face, strong jaw line, sharp distinct nose, high cheek bones, blond hair, hidden eyes covered by sunglasses. Her breathing hitched and caught in her throat as she put the scalpel out between them to protect herself, it shook violently in her hand from her not being used to being up and moving. She swallowed and shook her head swiping the sharp weapon out to firmly let him know he was close enough.

“D-Don’t. Don’t move.” She said shaky and slightly panicked.

The last thing she remembered they were splattered across the pavement how the he’ll did they get here? Maybe he regenerated? The fall wasn’t enough to kill him? But why was she there? That fall would have been more than enough to kill her, even if she landed on pillows or water she would have been ripped into pieces how was she standing in front of the man she’d tried to kill? She looked up at him and tried to get a read on his face, it looked like a mix of…. He looked… it was almost like looking into the past and seeing the face that used to care about her, but then in the same face it looked like he was annoyed with her as if she was nothing more than trash to him.

“Wh…. Why am I alive?” she asked dazed feeling as if she’d fall over at any moment.

As if her body was reassuring her she was right she fell to the floor catching herself with her hands so she was sitting she had to breath past the swimming nauseous feeling in the pit of her stomach, she took a sharp quick breath and looked up at the blond half glaring and half straining to keep herself in check. As calm as she was it as only because her work had shaped her to stay calm through nightmarish situations like this, but she was sure that he could see the panic peering out through her mask of professionalism.